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NON-FERROUS – Mi Lokhandwala




Nonferrous metals are an important component of our metals recycling business, representing more than 20% of our annual sales.

Our operations receive nonferrous scrap metal through direct purchases and the processing of obsolete scrap materials which contain portions of nonferrous metals. Many of our facilities also contain advanced separation equipment including Hydraulic Baling Press Machines, Shearing Machines, and Eddy Current Separators to ensure that materials are separated appropriately. This results in metal processed into specification-acceptable pieces with size, density, and purity that mills and foundries prefer for melting and use in the production of new washed-up metal products.

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We transport processed scrap to clients around the cities, primarily via trucks, which take advantage of our strategically located facilities.

As part of our commitment to being a very efficient, low-cost scrap supplier, we are constantly investing in improvements to our facilities which help us to enhance our capabilities and efficiency, however, sinking our environmental footprint.